Welcome to our World!

Our family, our life - we welcome you!

Our little boy is growing and is so excited to have a baby sister coming in May (see the video below where he knows where she is - he loves to give her kisses!) He's communicating with us, dancing his little heart away, and loves to play with his soccer balls and basketballs. He's a little athlete already! He knows how to dribble the ball and put it into the basket and understands "throw" and "slam dunk"! He digs eating grapes, bananas, peas, raviolis (his favorite), macaroni and cheese, potatoes, rice, yogurt, crackers, apples, - and anything we eat, so we've really had to watch our diets! When I sit down to eat, half my plate goes to him! He eats pretty much constantly! He is so social and loves other kids and understands the word "share". He's identifying specific toys and is great at obeying when we ask him to brush his teeth or go upstairs. His sleeping habits aren't any better though, I swear we still have a newborn! We are getting his new toddler bed soon and will be transitioning him a little bit early because we aren't buying a second crib for Mina. We're hoping this transition will help to ease some of his sleeping woes.

We got a new camcorder for Christmas courtesy of my parents (THANK YOU!) so I'm going to try and post a few videos here. He's been really sick lately and hasn't been able to see a lot of friends and family - so this is our way of updating on how he's doing. He's a growing boy at 22 pounds and 31 inches and he already knows what the potty is even though he can't fully use it yet (he has done some business in it a few times though and then claps afterwards, he knows what a big boy does!) He's got all of his teeth now and is learning to say things such as Mama, Dada, banana, and bye. He loves to wave at everyone on the street! I will try and update when I can and get some new pictures up - for now, enjoy our growing boy, now 15 months old!