Welcome to our World!

Our family, our life - we welcome you!

Well, time flies, doesn't it? We have been beyond busy. I've had no time to fill everyone in on our wonderful life changes that are taking place. First and foremost, our baby is doing so great. He's beautiful, so smart, and absolutely the most loving human being I think I've ever known....and...he's going to be A YEAR OLD! I can't believe he's already 10 months. He's learned so much and he teaches us something new every single day. He's taking little steps and is working on standing on his own - he is a 20 1/2 pound, 30 inch long cutie pie from up above!

Another big piece of news - we are MOVING! I am so excited to announce that Ali has accepted a new position in Ashburn, Virginia - in the hills...the country...just like home. We have rented a new townhouse and are so excited to start a new life there. We move October 4 - so keep here for updates on the new place and the new changes in our lives!

It has been such a long summer! We've traveled so many places and have met new people. Ayden has done beautifully and is growing at lightspeed pace - right before our eyes! We are proud to say we love being parents, and are looking forward to being new parents again ... hopefully soon :)

That's about it for now! Enjoy some new photos of our baby - look at how big he is and all his hair! He's our star, that's for sure! I promise to do more blogs once I get rechargeable batteries in my camera!

He has 8 teeth!!
He's truly a momma's boy!
He's such a gentleman...so handsome.
He loves to read with daddy...he says "tv bad, mommy, I want BOOKS!"
He has the cutest mohawk in the world, that's for sure!