Welcome to our World!

Our family, our life - we welcome you!

Well, the hot days of summer have arrived! We have a lot planned for our now family of 4 for the next few months! We're having some pals over for July 4 to meet Mina, that should be fun, and then Ali got tickets to a professional soccer game in Washington D.C. that he's excited about on July 29...and then my Mommy's Day gift this year was a ticket to see American Idol on August 4...yay for a night off, I'm so psyched about it! We head off to our yearly beach vacation in the Outer Banks from August 8-15 - way excited for that too. I can smell football season already!

Mina has half smiling now, she's so sweet, and she's sleeping in her own bed (waking up twice a night) which is awesome! Ayden is going over to her, bending down and saying "hi baby." I LOVE it! He is such a good big brother! He's also pointing to her toes and saying "Toe" - but he doesn't do it on cue - someday I'll catch it on film!

Anyhoo, here's a few updated photos of our babies - growing so fast - can you believe in 4 months Ayden will be 2?! Stop the clock!

Our little girl is one month old! She's growing great - at her weigh in she was 9lbs 11oz and 22 inches long. She's precious and such a wonderful addition to our family and her big brother absolutely loves her. He's always rubbing her head and kissing her when she gets upset. She's starting to get quite a personality - I think she's a lot like her daddy, just like Ayden is! We still don't know what color her eyes are - I have a funny feeling they're brown.

Here are some new pictures of both Mina and Ayden (who is now 20 months old, only 4 months until he's 2 years old - that's crazy!) - enjoy!

Even though Ayden has been acting out a LOT lately to get attention - he truly loves his sister and she's a cutie at that - she has her eyes open a lot more lately and has had more awake time during the day which is great - we're getting to know her and we can't wait until she gives us a sincere smile, I can already tell when she has gas that she has such a beautiful little grin!

Enjoy some new pictures!