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So I finally did it - I put bows in Mina's hair - I couldn't help it! I have to admit, they're so cute! Here's some other pictures as well...we're exhausted but absolutely loving life with our babies! Also some pics from Mothar Joon (I think I'm spelling this wrong, Ali's mother!) visiting over the week! Enjoy!

As requested :)

Well, it's been 12 days as a family of four - and I'm shocked at how well we've transitioned. I am still just loving my little girl - and I love how great our family fits together. Ayden is an awesome big brother and he's growing and learning new things each day and he's trying to show his sister! Mina is doing fabulous and we have another appointment for her on Tuesday the 2nd - I've been doing great with breastfeeding and am hoping that will continue. Next Wednesday will be the first day that I'll be alone the whole day by myself - I'm trying to mentally and physically prepare as Mina has her nights and days mixed up - something else we have to work on. I'm running on pure love right now :)

Here are some new pictures and also a video of Ayden that is adorable.

We are finally home from the hospital - we got back yesterday around 3 and we are settling in okay. The nights are going to be rough for a while until we establish a routine because Ayden still has sleep problems - but it was just the first night so I wasn't expecting it to be wonderful. I knew sleep deprivation was going to be a struggle for the first few months :) I'm still recovering and in some pain, especially where the spinal and epidural were, and am having a lot of dizzy spells from it as a result. I'm sure as time passes I will recover but for now, I'm continuing to nurse the pain and try and rest. Ayden just loves his little sister - it's like she was here all along! She's part of our family and we're completely in love with her - now if only she'd get her days and nights right, we'd be in business :)

Enjoy some new photos of our beautiful family!

Our little girl is here! I just can't believe it! My water broke on its own ... I think sometime Thursday afternoon, the 14th, but it wasn't confirmed until my doctor's appointment the next day on the 15th. After 12 hours of labor, natural delivery no longer seemed possible, so Mina was born via c-section. Here are her stats:

Mina Grace
May 15, 2009
11:21 PM
8lb 9oz
21 inches long
13.5 inch head

She's such a sweetheart. She looks a lot like her brother (although chubbier, and chipmunk cheeks!), and she has taken to breastfeeding like a champ. With Ayden, I never experienced that first cry, and I must say with her - that was amazing. I am still in awe that I brought another life into this world! I also was not able to bond with Ayden for a while and breastfeeding truly suffered but she has jumped right in and we have an excellent bond going - I am loving that feeding time with her! I am still in the hospital but am going home tomorrow, Tuesday, and can't wait to have my family together at last. I am so happy to no longer be pregnant and at this point, we think we may be done, but won't make an official decision for about 3 more years. We are so complete and I just feel so over the moon with how things are. We are so blessed and couldn't ask for more! Enjoy some pictures and video below and keep it here for more updates on our new family of 4!

Meet the newest member of our family - the Honda Odyssey! We decided that with two children, my small Hyundai was no longer going to work for us - so we are now "soccer parents"! It's beautiful, has leather seats, a GREAT trunk (his stroller used to take up my whole entire trunk, now it just takes up a small fraction!), awesome space, and it smells terrific! I love the automatic doors and heated seats too! It's also very easy to drive!

Here she is!