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Our family, our life - we welcome you!

Well, our boy has learned yet another trick - when we say "achoo!" he says it back. It is absolutely the cutest thing. He will also say "dadadadada" back to us as well. We are so amazed everyday by him and the things he does. I just cannot believe that he has learned so much and is showing us how smart and brave he is every single day. He's so wonderful. I see now why people want so many children - even though it's difficult, you lose sleep, you don't eat or shower or use the bathroom peacefully - children are the best thing to ever happen. They really are. He's the best thing that's ever happened to us - and I love waking up every single day to him.

A few new photos because we know you love them!

Here's a little snippet of our boy's new trick!

I think we have the classic" daddy's boy" syndrome on our hands! I always thought this little one was a momma's boy - since he sees me all day and daddy at night and on the weekends. I always thought he wanted MY attention. Well that's changed! Yesterday when Ali came home - Ayden immediately started crawling towards him, hoopin' and yellin' for him. When Ali looked at him and said he was going up the steps to change his clothes, and then disappeared, Ayden immediately started to cry and scream - and quickly cruised to the end of the kitchen, around the corner, and started to struggle up the steps - screaming all the way. Ali put his head outside the bathroom door and said he'd be right there - and little one got so excited, then he disappeared again, and he screamed to get up the steps. It's amazing. He's growing so fast and so much and he just loves his daddy now - I think he still loves me, what do you think?!

And of course he loves his daddy - and looks like him too!
He can do magic tricks! (Doesn't it look like the spoon is balancing on his head?!)
I guess he still loves me if he still smiles at me!
He's our little tax deduction - but we love him more than that!
Sweet face boy...
He's so tall and handsome!
He makes life worth living, no matter who he loves more!

You know, I never thought my child would become the bully of the playdates. I mean - that's exactly what is happening! I think the other moms are scared of him - like "oh no, Ayden isn't coming is he?" because he has been jumping on their children - pulling hair, biting, pinching...hitting. He's made several babies cry. I don't know where I went wrong! I know he's curious and active, and of course, exploring - but ... he's my sweet, innocent baby and he's turned into a basket case! He is constantly whining to get what he wants - he's learned to scream, and pull up on me when he wants me. He's very impatient.

Gee...I wonder who he got this from?

I'm hiding in the corner now - can you see me?!

See...we may not look that much alike - but when he's being sweet, we're both in a good mood!
He looks curious here at this particular playdate...
And then he proceeded to maul another child. She of course, cried.
Buuttt after all was said and done, and he became extremely cranky with the other parents and children, he decided to fall asleep. Ah, parenthood! Welcome to the club, right?!

Look at how big he's getting! He looks like such a little man - so adorable in every way and has such a personality. He's become what we like to call "whine-esy" - he loves to whine in order to get things, and he screeches, and squeals, screams, and cries if he doesn't like something a certain way. I swear I didn't teach him this! But he is very persistent, and I think that's a great quality to have. He's such a wonderful baby and I couldn't ask for more...

Doesn't his hair look light?!
He snuck onto the coffee table and got my glass...luckily it was empty!
He's such a cutie when he's trying to troublemake.
He loves his feet too!
The puppy face I get each time I say the word "no". He knows what that means now and he doesn't like it!
Simply irresistable!
The "I don't like pictures with you, mom!" stage has officially started...15 years early!

He toots my horn, that's for sure! Here's our 8 month old beautiful baby boy!

Can you resist him? I can't!
The "stink face"...
The "I'm trying to look innocent but I really just broke this tape" face...
Sweet...sweet...little boy in blue...
Howdy, folks! This way to the hay ride!
I'm comin' for you!

And a beautiful, wonderful, exciting, happy 8 months it has been...today, our little baby turns 8 months old. On October 18, 2007, at 5:47 PM, Ayden Ali was born safe and healthy at 8 lbs 5 oz. It was the worst day of my life with the c-section gone wrong, the horrible recovery, him being taken away - but also the best because my son was born - and I couldn't imagine my life without him. He has 5 teeth and is sprouting two more, he's eating lots of solids and loves squash and peas and bananas - he loves to coo and razz. He says "Momma" and "dadadadada" and loves to sleep on his daddy's chest or in mommy's arms. He's wonderful and has changed so much. He's growing so fast. I wish I could stop the clock sometimes because before you know it, I won't be able to hold him in my arms anymore and kiss his head, and tell him I love him - at least not without him telling me to stop because it's embarrassing. This is my time with him now, and I'm loving every moment.

Here's a trip down memory lane...

Whose that baby in there?
Mommy's big belly...she is still paying for that!
Just born....mommy's favorite picture.
Mommy saying hello for the first time...the greatest moment of her whole life.
One day old...
In the car seat on the way home...October 21, 2007.
In the carseat today...June 18, 2008.
My sweet baby boy today...all grown up...

So Ali's first Father's Day has come and gone - and the best father in the whole world seemed to have a wonderful time bonding with his little baby boy in Richmond. We visited my parents again this past weekend and enjoyed Ayden's little coo's and cah's - and him pulling himself up onto EVERYTHING! We gave Ali a lovely collage of his favorite pictures of Ayden and he also got a 30.00 gift certificate to Home Depot (his favorite hang out!).

Here are some pictures to celebrate the best daddy in the world - of course ,they're mostly of Ayden, I mean he makes Ali the father he is ... doesn't he?

Ayden and his daddy!
Chillin' in the stroller (it was pretty hot though!)
He still loves his mommy!
We would die for that smile!
We swear ... he IS perfect!!
He loves his feet!

Oh he just melts my heart...every...single...time, as you will see why - in the following video and pictures...oh heaven help me - hold me up! I'm in love! (and in the video towards the end, yes, that's me saying "Can I have a kiss?" - and yes, he gives me one right back!)

Ayden had his first experience in our pool today. He absolutely hated it. I wish he would have liked it more - but it was slightly cold on his cute little "feets" as his daddy calls them. He got a little used to it but never warmed up completely - we're going to have to work on that! I wanted to share some pictures from the day...Ayden's first pool experience...sort of.

Getting ready for the day...I got my cool beach clothes and my neat beach hat...
I'm ready, Mom. Bring on the water...and the chlorine...and my cool float.

Leaves from the storm? Oh that's ok. I'll eat them.
I dunno, Daddy. It's a wee bit chilly in there for a pint little one such as I!
This is not a happy face!
She's tryin' to talk me into it...not so much!
But I don't wanna!!

Now this is livin'!
See, I forgave her!