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Our family, our life - we welcome you!

Meet baby #2...SHE looks great and SHE is all GIRL! Ali and I kind of knew it but we're still getting used to the idea :) I'm sure she'll be a little cutie pie, although I plan on turning her into a tomboy :)

Here are some pictures of her! :) I have more and will add later!!

Well, October 18 has come and gone, and our little boy turned 1! I can't believe how time has passed and how he has grown. Being parents has changed us in ways we could never describe. Each day we wake up and he has done something new - he knows his toys - when I say "kitty" or "puppy" he knows where to go. He also knows how to slam dunk into his basketball toy. He loves his Curious George monkey and sleeping next to his mommy. He is truly the light of our lives and we had a beautiful party to celebrate his great day. Here are some pictures! Unfortunately we have just moved and are still working on getting settled and we didn't have internet for a while and I'm very tired from baby #2 - so I haven't been able to update much - but I will try.

Well, it's about time I updated our blog, right?! We've had so much going on and I've been exhausted - and that's mainly because...

We're expecting BABY NUMBER 2!! That's right, we're due May 20, 2009 - and it is just one baby! We are so happy and over the moon and hope that everyone will continue to check in for updates and belly pictures as time progresses towards Ayden being a big brother!

See video ... he gets better and better :) ! Our big boy!

Enjoy a video of our growing boy - we can't believe how time has flown. He is truly a joy!

What an amazing time! We are about to celebrate Ayden's 1st birthday, and with the move, and reuniting with family, we are very busy - so forgive our lack of blogging! Hugs from all of us!

Well, time flies, doesn't it? We have been beyond busy. I've had no time to fill everyone in on our wonderful life changes that are taking place. First and foremost, our baby is doing so great. He's beautiful, so smart, and absolutely the most loving human being I think I've ever known....and...he's going to be A YEAR OLD! I can't believe he's already 10 months. He's learned so much and he teaches us something new every single day. He's taking little steps and is working on standing on his own - he is a 20 1/2 pound, 30 inch long cutie pie from up above!

Another big piece of news - we are MOVING! I am so excited to announce that Ali has accepted a new position in Ashburn, Virginia - in the hills...the country...just like home. We have rented a new townhouse and are so excited to start a new life there. We move October 4 - so keep here for updates on the new place and the new changes in our lives!

It has been such a long summer! We've traveled so many places and have met new people. Ayden has done beautifully and is growing at lightspeed pace - right before our eyes! We are proud to say we love being parents, and are looking forward to being new parents again ... hopefully soon :)

That's about it for now! Enjoy some new photos of our baby - look at how big he is and all his hair! He's our star, that's for sure! I promise to do more blogs once I get rechargeable batteries in my camera!

He has 8 teeth!!
He's truly a momma's boy!
He's such a gentleman...so handsome.
He loves to read with daddy...he says "tv bad, mommy, I want BOOKS!"
He has the cutest mohawk in the world, that's for sure!

Wow, where has the time gone? Our baby is growing up so fast - he's gone from this innocent little pint sized bean in the crib - to a crawling, cruising, cooing little cutie who has so much to say and do. He is amazing. I can't believe he came from us.

He has learned to say "dada" all the time - really, that's all he ever says. He looks up at Ali and says "Dada" all the time. I think he has forgotten how to say "Mama" and I really miss that. Still, yet still, he looks up to me with those puppy eyes - and sweetly reaches up - and as I pull him in and give him those big hugs and kisses that he seems to crave - I know he knows - and remembers where he came from, and who could never live without him.

Here are some new photos of our boy and what he's been up to - he's into everything!

3 months to go until the day I have been dreading since he was born...his 1st birthday. Time flies so much. I can't believe that it was 9 months ago that I first held my little boy - the last time he kicked my ribs, the last time I felt him push his little foot out my side - or raise his little bum out the top of my spleen. It feels like it was yesterday - but it wasn't. These 9 months have been so wonderful and I've learned so much - and no matter if I do sit here sometimes and contemplate how easy life was with just me...I would never, ever change it for anything. The 3 AM wake up calls are still so worth it. The temper tantrums, poopie diapers, scratches to my face, and bangs to my head - all worth it. What is life like without children? I couldn't imagine my life any differently and I know this is what Ali and I were meant to do.

Ayden's 9 month stats: 8 teeth (yowza!), crawling, cruising, pulling up, standing on his own but unable to take a step yet, cooing, cahing, saying "dada", "mama", and "achoo", and as of yesterday, finally clapping! I woke up at 3 AM this morning to him clapping. He is so cute. He weighs in at 19 pounds 4 oz and has his 9 month check up on July 25. What a beautiful boy we have raised. I thank the Lord everyday for his blessing - honestly, I think we might be the luckiest parents alive.

Our little stander!
That beautiful smile!
He's such a happy, light-of-our-lives, little one!
I love his little toothy grin!
He's pretty darn smart too!
I think he's got a lot of mommy and a lot of daddy!

Well, we did it! We had our first major vacation to the beach with my family! Overall, it was a wonderful time - some bad weather and bumps along the way (I ended up being sick part of the week, which was awful!) - but it was such a great time! Ayden LOVED the water and the beach. We had some wonderful moments walking him along the ocean, playing with him in the pool, showing him mother nature at her finest. What a great trip it was! We enjoyed lots of food, family, fun...and our first vacation - as PARENTS!

Well, our boy has learned yet another trick - when we say "achoo!" he says it back. It is absolutely the cutest thing. He will also say "dadadadada" back to us as well. We are so amazed everyday by him and the things he does. I just cannot believe that he has learned so much and is showing us how smart and brave he is every single day. He's so wonderful. I see now why people want so many children - even though it's difficult, you lose sleep, you don't eat or shower or use the bathroom peacefully - children are the best thing to ever happen. They really are. He's the best thing that's ever happened to us - and I love waking up every single day to him.

A few new photos because we know you love them!

Here's a little snippet of our boy's new trick!

I think we have the classic" daddy's boy" syndrome on our hands! I always thought this little one was a momma's boy - since he sees me all day and daddy at night and on the weekends. I always thought he wanted MY attention. Well that's changed! Yesterday when Ali came home - Ayden immediately started crawling towards him, hoopin' and yellin' for him. When Ali looked at him and said he was going up the steps to change his clothes, and then disappeared, Ayden immediately started to cry and scream - and quickly cruised to the end of the kitchen, around the corner, and started to struggle up the steps - screaming all the way. Ali put his head outside the bathroom door and said he'd be right there - and little one got so excited, then he disappeared again, and he screamed to get up the steps. It's amazing. He's growing so fast and so much and he just loves his daddy now - I think he still loves me, what do you think?!

And of course he loves his daddy - and looks like him too!
He can do magic tricks! (Doesn't it look like the spoon is balancing on his head?!)
I guess he still loves me if he still smiles at me!
He's our little tax deduction - but we love him more than that!
Sweet face boy...
He's so tall and handsome!
He makes life worth living, no matter who he loves more!

You know, I never thought my child would become the bully of the playdates. I mean - that's exactly what is happening! I think the other moms are scared of him - like "oh no, Ayden isn't coming is he?" because he has been jumping on their children - pulling hair, biting, pinching...hitting. He's made several babies cry. I don't know where I went wrong! I know he's curious and active, and of course, exploring - but ... he's my sweet, innocent baby and he's turned into a basket case! He is constantly whining to get what he wants - he's learned to scream, and pull up on me when he wants me. He's very impatient.

Gee...I wonder who he got this from?

I'm hiding in the corner now - can you see me?!

See...we may not look that much alike - but when he's being sweet, we're both in a good mood!
He looks curious here at this particular playdate...
And then he proceeded to maul another child. She of course, cried.
Buuttt after all was said and done, and he became extremely cranky with the other parents and children, he decided to fall asleep. Ah, parenthood! Welcome to the club, right?!