Welcome to our World!

Our family, our life - we welcome you!

Well, October 18 has come and gone, and our little boy turned 1! I can't believe how time has passed and how he has grown. Being parents has changed us in ways we could never describe. Each day we wake up and he has done something new - he knows his toys - when I say "kitty" or "puppy" he knows where to go. He also knows how to slam dunk into his basketball toy. He loves his Curious George monkey and sleeping next to his mommy. He is truly the light of our lives and we had a beautiful party to celebrate his great day. Here are some pictures! Unfortunately we have just moved and are still working on getting settled and we didn't have internet for a while and I'm very tired from baby #2 - so I haven't been able to update much - but I will try.

Well, it's about time I updated our blog, right?! We've had so much going on and I've been exhausted - and that's mainly because...

We're expecting BABY NUMBER 2!! That's right, we're due May 20, 2009 - and it is just one baby! We are so happy and over the moon and hope that everyone will continue to check in for updates and belly pictures as time progresses towards Ayden being a big brother!