Welcome to our World!

Our family, our life - we welcome you!

He's learning! This makes my life a little easier, that's for sure!

It has happened! We FINALLY have a new digital camera that works! As promised, here are some pictures of our little one - and of my full term belly. She could come at any point - but I doubt she will before her due date.

Enjoy - here's our 18 month old boy!

I think it's official that Ayden is an athlete - one of his first noticeable words.

This is his daddy's fault :)

Well, little Mina is still baking at 36 weeks as she should be - but we are now officially in a waiting stage. Things have started to progress and we are really hoping and praying she will come on her own naturally and avoid the c-section that we have scheduled for May 20, 2009 at 9 AM - exactly 4 weeks from today. She's getting bigger and on her last ultrasound measured about 5lb 9oz...we'll see if she can compete with her brother later, but let's hope she's a little smaller.

Ayden is ready to be a big brother - although he is definitely in that toddler stage that is extremely difficult to handle at times. He's such a sweetheart though and is slowly trying to talk. See the video below and also my most recent belly picture - you never know when it will be the last! The countdown is on until we're a family of 4 and will no longer, ever sleep again!

Our new digital camera is shipping so as soon as we have it and can actually take real pictures, I will certainly post new ones of our little boy and soon to be our little girl!

We hope everyone has had a WONDERFUL Easter! We enjoyed time with friends and family in Richmond, Virginia - and lots of wonderful food! Ayden had a grand ol' time searching for his Easter basket and found some toys inside - his Gampy also picked him out a fabulous Easter outfit that showed off his handsome face...although he is usually good about showing that off anyway :)

Little one has been scratching his face, so there are a few flaws in the pictures, but otherwise, I wanted to share some pics of our big 18 month old man...and one additional picture of me in my Easter dress. We have about 5.5 weeks until we're a family of four - WOW!