Welcome to our World!

Our family, our life - we welcome you!

3 months to go until the day I have been dreading since he was born...his 1st birthday. Time flies so much. I can't believe that it was 9 months ago that I first held my little boy - the last time he kicked my ribs, the last time I felt him push his little foot out my side - or raise his little bum out the top of my spleen. It feels like it was yesterday - but it wasn't. These 9 months have been so wonderful and I've learned so much - and no matter if I do sit here sometimes and contemplate how easy life was with just me...I would never, ever change it for anything. The 3 AM wake up calls are still so worth it. The temper tantrums, poopie diapers, scratches to my face, and bangs to my head - all worth it. What is life like without children? I couldn't imagine my life any differently and I know this is what Ali and I were meant to do.

Ayden's 9 month stats: 8 teeth (yowza!), crawling, cruising, pulling up, standing on his own but unable to take a step yet, cooing, cahing, saying "dada", "mama", and "achoo", and as of yesterday, finally clapping! I woke up at 3 AM this morning to him clapping. He is so cute. He weighs in at 19 pounds 4 oz and has his 9 month check up on July 25. What a beautiful boy we have raised. I thank the Lord everyday for his blessing - honestly, I think we might be the luckiest parents alive.

Our little stander!
That beautiful smile!
He's such a happy, light-of-our-lives, little one!
I love his little toothy grin!
He's pretty darn smart too!
I think he's got a lot of mommy and a lot of daddy!