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Well, Ayden is officially my little helper! It's amazing how much he's learned and so quickly. He knows when it's time to make the bed - I ask him to help and he brings me pillows (he gets so excited when he does this!) - and when I have taken a shower, and it's time for me to put my make up on (I use natural light, not bathroom light) - he knows to open the curtains for me and he helps me put it on. He's adorable! I guess he knows mommy is having a hard time moving around because I'll say "Ayden, can you get mommy's water bottle off the floor and bring it to her?" and he'll go find it and hand it to me - he even tries to take the cap off but I'm glad he doesn't know how to do that! He's such an amazing boy and I can't imagine my life without him - I know Ali is the same way! I caught a little bit of his helping on video, see below, and we had his 15 month appointment yesterday - here are his stats!

Height: 31.25 inches (60th percentile)
Weight: 23.1 pounds (30th percentile)
His head is in the 50th percentile but I can't remember how big it is!

Enjoy the video - we are starting Mina's nursery this weekend so I will certainly keep updated on all the photos - her nursery bedding is adorable (we're doing a lady bug theme!) - thanks so much to my Mom Etebari who bought all of the stuff to make it happen!