Welcome to our World!

Our family, our life - we welcome you!

Well, it's been 12 days as a family of four - and I'm shocked at how well we've transitioned. I am still just loving my little girl - and I love how great our family fits together. Ayden is an awesome big brother and he's growing and learning new things each day and he's trying to show his sister! Mina is doing fabulous and we have another appointment for her on Tuesday the 2nd - I've been doing great with breastfeeding and am hoping that will continue. Next Wednesday will be the first day that I'll be alone the whole day by myself - I'm trying to mentally and physically prepare as Mina has her nights and days mixed up - something else we have to work on. I'm running on pure love right now :)

Here are some new pictures and also a video of Ayden that is adorable.