Welcome to our World!

Our family, our life - we welcome you!

We are finally home from the hospital - we got back yesterday around 3 and we are settling in okay. The nights are going to be rough for a while until we establish a routine because Ayden still has sleep problems - but it was just the first night so I wasn't expecting it to be wonderful. I knew sleep deprivation was going to be a struggle for the first few months :) I'm still recovering and in some pain, especially where the spinal and epidural were, and am having a lot of dizzy spells from it as a result. I'm sure as time passes I will recover but for now, I'm continuing to nurse the pain and try and rest. Ayden just loves his little sister - it's like she was here all along! She's part of our family and we're completely in love with her - now if only she'd get her days and nights right, we'd be in business :)

Enjoy some new photos of our beautiful family!