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Our family, our life - we welcome you!

Little one is becoming just like his daddy - how appropriate! He's a great soccer player but before he would only kick and smile. Way back when, however, his daddy would yell "GOAL!!" whenever he would kick in my belly - and how he yells "GOAL - BOOYAH!!" - Ayden has caught on :) Check out this video of his reaction, even though we're not sure what he's really saying, we're pretty sure he's trying to mimic his daddy :)

Also below - enjoy my alien belly. Mina is truly making her mark in there! I'm not sure what's up with the quality of the belly videos but they were taken on my cell phone - so it might look a little weird! Also, a picture of my 31 week belly - 6-9 weeks to go but I'm not ready yet! The doctor is going to let me attempt a natural birth up until a little after 40 weeks ... if she hasn't come on her own yet (she BETTER, I don't want another c-section) - our c-section date will either be May 22 or May 26 - but we're hoping she'll just migrate on down on her own, if you know what I'm saying :)