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We got to see our little girl today - in 3/D! The imaging place we go to for regular ultrasounds offered a one-time-only complimentary session with images and some video on DVD! It was wonderful. She is gorgeous, I can tell already (yep, I'm biased, but that's okay!) - she so looks like her daddy and I can see Ayden in her too. She was such a good girl and gave us some great shots. She was definitely sleepy but I loved seeing her - and she is getting pudgy, looking about the same size as Ayden was (yikes!). She is head down, which is great! She's truly precious and we are very much in love with her! So without further ado, meet Mina Grace ... in technicolor :)

This is her foot, in case you can't tell!

This is her little hand over the face!

This is her arms by her head!

She's all snuggly in there - look at her features, that's Ali!

And little Mina Grace - in video! I have lots of video but it's hard to upload, so this is just a teaser for now :)