Welcome to our World!

Our family, our life - we welcome you!

Well, here it is! I absolutely love it and want to thank my mom, my husband, and especially my mother-in-law who were so patient with me and helped me buy the items. I know she won't know the difference ultimately - but I never expected to have a baby girl...and I want to treat her like a baby girl :) I admit that having a lot of pink is still really weird to me but it's kind of neat and exciting and I wouldn't give up that feeling for anything! I still have a few more items to get such as a white lamp to replace the one in there and some other receiving blankets, burp cloths, etc, but for now, we are almost there. I don't have any pictures of her closet because it is still a work in progress with organizing, making sure we have her clothes, etc and so forth, so it's a bit of a tornado at the moment. We have about 8 weeks left til she's born. You can track the pregnancy on the right side of our blog under my pregnancy ticker!

Without further ado...

The view from the door:
Her changing table area:

I just absolutely love the wall hangings here - they match the rack over the changing table, the people who made it are awesome!

And her socket covers are in her theme - I love these too...they're so cute!