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Ayden had his first experience in our pool today. He absolutely hated it. I wish he would have liked it more - but it was slightly cold on his cute little "feets" as his daddy calls them. He got a little used to it but never warmed up completely - we're going to have to work on that! I wanted to share some pictures from the day...Ayden's first pool experience...sort of.

Getting ready for the day...I got my cool beach clothes and my neat beach hat...
I'm ready, Mom. Bring on the water...and the chlorine...and my cool float.

Leaves from the storm? Oh that's ok. I'll eat them.
I dunno, Daddy. It's a wee bit chilly in there for a pint little one such as I!
This is not a happy face!
She's tryin' to talk me into it...not so much!
But I don't wanna!!

Now this is livin'!
See, I forgave her!