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Our family, our life - we welcome you!

Look at how big he's getting! He looks like such a little man - so adorable in every way and has such a personality. He's become what we like to call "whine-esy" - he loves to whine in order to get things, and he screeches, and squeals, screams, and cries if he doesn't like something a certain way. I swear I didn't teach him this! But he is very persistent, and I think that's a great quality to have. He's such a wonderful baby and I couldn't ask for more...

Doesn't his hair look light?!
He snuck onto the coffee table and got my glass...luckily it was empty!
He's such a cutie when he's trying to troublemake.
He loves his feet too!
The puppy face I get each time I say the word "no". He knows what that means now and he doesn't like it!
Simply irresistable!
The "I don't like pictures with you, mom!" stage has officially started...15 years early!