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Another lovely day here in central Maryland - so of course, we met up with the mommies group and went to a park. It was great fun. We had a little picnic and enjoyed a child across the way who decided to pull down his pants right in front of us - and pee right there in the mulch. Needless to say whenever Ayden dropped a toy - I was a little weary of what the mulch actually consisted of.

It was lovely fun. The weather is supposed to turn bad again - and this morning when he looked up at me with those glowing brown eyes and said "Moooommmm" (he really did) - I thought, how could I deny him the last nice day of the week? The basement doesn't do him justice! Here are some pics from our day in the park with friends...

Ayden and his friend, Scarlett, she's 13 months - and so adorable! When Ayden was eating his sweet potatoes, she kept going "Yummm."
Speaking of yum, I know you wanted to see what I had for lunch!
How am I supposed to start my ride without the keys? Darn it, loosen the belt!
Callin' all grandmas - Mommy is letting me chew sticks!
Just kiddin' ... that's a teething stick...it's not really a stick. I am going to love to do this out in public though, like at parks, or on hikes...I can only imagine the looks I'll get when my kid is doing this...
He even went down the slide again today! I think he had fun!