Welcome to our World!

Our family, our life - we welcome you!

Oh boy. Ayden has become expressive. He has a personality - now when I say personality, it's not like when he came out type of personality - like "oh isn't he cute, look at his little dimples, aw, he has the sweetest cry when he's hungry!" - no, not like that.

I mean pure personality. He has such spark, such wit, such a way of getting what he wants. He knows exactly how to press my buttons. He has learned to squeal. He has learned his "fake" cry which is "tearless" and sounds like a literal "Wahhh." He whines worse than his mommy! He's so funny the way he tries to manipulate the situation - "maybe if I look cute, I can have that toy instead of this one" - "maybe if I give her the puppy face, I can have sweet peas instead of winter squash." Oh what a spitfire we've created!

I swear each time I think I love him all I can - like I have no love left - I find more. It's amazing.

So I introduce to you, without further ado, the many faces of Ayden.

"Okay mom, I know I did something in my pants, but I'm not sure if it's a Code Yellow or a Code Brown...it doesn't smell like roses though!"
"Mom, as if?! First off, I want the plastic keys, not the plastic car, and secondly, why are you all up in my face? Pipe down. We all know I'm cute, you don't have to prove it!"

"I do love you, mom, but you're flat out weird."
"So if I'm quiet - maybe they won't find me with my hand stuck in the VCR...she's going to give me that darn alphabet ball again - and I really want this cool ditty instead...so shhh."

"If I show 'em my munchers, I'm more likely to get what I want - just because it's THAT cute!"

"Okay, Mom. It's gettin' old. Don't make me break out the squeal."

"If I give you this face, can I sleep in your bed tonight?"
"How much cuter do I have to be so you'll let me climb up the treadmill? Come on now!"
"Ah...indecision...the walker looks fun too...I'm not sure, Mom. Gimme a few minutes!"