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You know, I never thought my child would become the bully of the playdates. I mean - that's exactly what is happening! I think the other moms are scared of him - like "oh no, Ayden isn't coming is he?" because he has been jumping on their children - pulling hair, biting, pinching...hitting. He's made several babies cry. I don't know where I went wrong! I know he's curious and active, and of course, exploring - but ... he's my sweet, innocent baby and he's turned into a basket case! He is constantly whining to get what he wants - he's learned to scream, and pull up on me when he wants me. He's very impatient.

Gee...I wonder who he got this from?

I'm hiding in the corner now - can you see me?!

See...we may not look that much alike - but when he's being sweet, we're both in a good mood!
He looks curious here at this particular playdate...
And then he proceeded to maul another child. She of course, cried.
Buuttt after all was said and done, and he became extremely cranky with the other parents and children, he decided to fall asleep. Ah, parenthood! Welcome to the club, right?!


I was just browsing through and came across your blog. Your son is absolutely beautiful!

My daughter went through the same things with bullying other kids. I never did figure out why... I wondered if it was because she was the only child, hadn't been around many kids before then, if I'd done something wrong... But she eventually settled down, and now at 4 years old, she's generally more submissive to other kids. I'm sure you're doing a fantastic job. :)

Very cute blog!

Awww at least he has that cute little face to say sorry with!