Welcome to our World!

Our family, our life - we welcome you!

Our baby turned a half a year old on April 18 - I prefer to say "6 months" because it doesn't make me look and go "whoa, where did the time go?!" - but I'm so happy, things have changed so much, and only for the better (although diaper changes are so hard now!). He's got such a personality. He's handsome and smart, and is amazing me more everyday.

We had his shots today and they were terrible. He becomes more and more aware each time we go and get them and today his little lip quivered and shook while he got the shots. I started to cry. I could hear him - speaking to me - "Mommy, how could you?!".

He's such a good boy. We are so blessed. It's amazing I cannot remember what life was like without him. What did I do with myself? Did I sit on the couch all day, go to the mall...travel? Because everything is so different with him - it's like he's always existed, and when I think about life without him - I just can't imagine what it would be like.

Here are his stats now:

16 lbs 6 oz of pure perfection!
26 inches
43 CM head

Here's our special boy - enjoying life...enjoying us - like we enjoy him. Every single moment.


Tee Hee... I still can't get over his smile! He's soooo cute!