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Our family, our life - we welcome you!

I finally was able to take Ayden on a picnic today! I had been anxious to do so - I wanted to see how he would interact with the earth, the weather, his surroundings ... and I took him with other kids, so he could talk goo goo and be more social.

First off the weather is fabulous - but so hot! Ayden was wearing a cute outfit that got stripped about 5 minutes into it - no more shoes, no more socks, no more jeans - just a onesie and cute baby bare feet. We hiked down a trail to a lake and sat under a tree. An older gentleman turned around from his chair and waved hello - he exclaimed that it was his birthday - and it was the 20th anniversary of his 48th - so we did the math, at least I did. Ayden just smiled.

He loved to play with pine needles and slap his little hand into the ground. He looked at the other kids in amazement and felt around - who is that? Why do they stare at me too? What do I do, mom? I managed to eat a nice sandwich while he played on the ground, but then quickly realized his Huggies had given out - very rare...luckily I had packed him another outfit and he did a quick costume change to a baby Hokie.

I loved being out there with him - showing him the world and also showing the world what I created. Despite a nice little tantrum in which he refused to sleep - wanting to so badly - I couldn't help but admire how much he wants to discover and see - his little head would go under my chin - but quickly back up - a serenade of Twinkle Twinkle didn't even do the trick.

Flash forward about 3 hours later, back in the car seat - a little tired cry, and my little baby's first picnic was over. It's amazing how much more you enjoy the little things when you have your own little one - so much I want to show, so much he does not yet understand, but I can see in his little eyes that he's just as excited as I am - and someday, he will be able to tell me.

I forgot my camera but my telephone did the trick for a little reminder of the occasion. I can't wait to do it again with him, and maybe see him pick himself up, walk himself down the trail, and turn to tell me "hurry up!" - so he can see just a little bit more of the world.