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Before I was a parent - I couldn't understand the excitement of little things...a haircut, a bath, a smile, a simple, little "coo." I never knew when I saw a parent in a shopping mall sitting next to their baby - that if the baby looked up and smiled, or waved their hands...took a bite of a sandwich - that it could be a first, that I may have just witnessed something so special.

Then I had Ayden and the little things became so much more than - little. They became huge. I remember his first smile when Ali yelled from his bedroom "he smiled! he smiled!" - I remember his first bite of rice cereal, his first little giggle, his first reach to me - as if to say "please don't go, I need you now."

And then he got teeth. Who in the world gets excited about teeth? I do! I do! I'm waiving my hand in front of the computer at you. He has two teeth! They're so cute. I remember the morning they cut and I called everyone!! "It's teeth, I feel two teeth!!" - it was like I found out I was pregnant or something - it was a major milestone, something so happy, something I'll never forget - and it's just ... teeth. I can't help but to look at him and think - it's all because of my husband and I that he has teeth at all - those teeth came from something I created, those are beautiful teeth. So I thought I'd share a picture of his adorable teeth he has...it just makes me laugh to think about how these things are so exciting...something new to look forward to every single day.

And that makes every single 2 AM wake up call, every single temper tantrum, every single day I just don't want to get out of bed - but have to - so very worth it.

It's the little things. I believe that now.


Ohhh yes the little things brighten you day now.. You would have never guess while you were childless that these things would mean so much. But they do!!!

You're a great writer and I'm surprised you didn't start this sooner!!

Oh my god! Look at those munchers! What a big boy!!! All the more reason to kiss him.. you know.. when I am healthy! :) Can't wait to see him.. I think like 17 more days or something :-D

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