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So the Zoo is one of my favorite places - the last time I went to the zoo was in Los Angeles in February of 07 - I was pregnant at the time and had no clue - (although you would think that the gagging to the smell of animal poo would have triggered me to think so) - so technically, Ayden has already been there - but he went for real this past weekend.

The problem with Washington D.C. is there is no parking. The other problem is that the weather tends to be a bit on the weird side and I swear we were in the depths of the desert this past weekend. It was so HOT! This worn us all out. We walked a mile or so from the car, about 2 miles around the zoo, and saw maybe 5 animals ... and a lot of birds. It was so packed and crowded, and mostly UPHILL! It was about 85 degrees - and our water got warm real quick. We did see a cute cheetah and some Tucans - but really, in the end, I could have settled for watching Animal Planet all day...

So in short, although the trip itself was probably a little bit on the boring and tiring side, we did get to experience the zoo with our son - finally - and we got to hold him and show him and see the cute look on his little face when we showed him the zebra - and that, my friends, is truly priceless - and so worth it.