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Have you ever asked yourself that question?

I spilt milk on my pants and it looks like I peed ... how did that happen?

I gained 15 pounds in one week...how did that happen?

I thought American Idol was on at 9 and it was 8 and I missed 45 minutes of it ... how did that happen?

Yeah - that question - well, that's what I ask myself every single day. I think Ali does too. Ayden is getting so big. He went from this little peanut in the Pack and Play - to almost taking up the whole thing...how did that happen? He used to stare in one place - straight ahead, he had no idea about his surroundings - what he was in for, what the world was - and now, he grabs for everything, shoves a spoon in his mouth, mumbles "Mama" even though he has no idea what it means ... how did that happen?

My little baby. I hold him at night. I feel his little head under my chin - listening to my heart, and the soft sound of me singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"...and he drifts to sleep. Someday, I won't be able to hold him like that. I won't be able to sing him that song without hearing "Mom! That's for LITTLE boys!". Someday - I'll dance with him to that song I dread so much - letting him go at his wedding. There will come a day where he will say "Mama" and know what it means, but now - he's so innocent. He's all mine. He's not anyone else's ... but in 6 months, he's changed so much - and I fell so in love with someone I'd never met - that I'd never seen. He grew from a tiny, microscopic group of cells into this beautiful human with a heart, eyes...he grew two teeth.he had two sweet little hands and a wonderful, gorgeous smile...and he grew inside of me, because I made him - because WE made him. How did that happen?

I look back at it all and I remember those moments when I would feel him moving inside of me, and then in a split second - he was out - he was looking at me. His life had started. He is my son. I'm a mom. Each day passes and he does something new - something that makes me light up, giggle...cry...and I thank God each day for this beautiful little creation and wonder how I got so lucky to have the most perfect human being that ever existed...I mean really...

How did this happen?


You write beautifully! Please keep it up! You won't regret it. I've been doing it now for a year and some change.

"because WE made him. How did that happen?" Do you really have to ask this?? LOL