Welcome to our World!

Our family, our life - we welcome you!

So we traveled down to good ol' Richmond, VA to visit with my parents - aka Gammy and Gampy - for the weekend since Ali was going out of town. Although I'm totally exhausted, it was so nice to see everyone and to be able to spend time with people older than 6 months, have adult conversation, and be spoiled myself a little bit!!

There were several nasty storms while we were there - Ayden slept through the overnight ones, and we missed a tornado by 20 miles. Yikes! I enjoyed my sausage biscuits and gravy and a few nice beers - only to come home and find out I've gained 8 pounds in one month. I cried for a half hour. I'm so devastated because I worked so hard to lose that pregnancy weight, and because I haven't been able to exercise the past month because I haven't felt well and injured my back, I'm almost to square one. I just bawled my poor little heart out. So it's back to the grind, 2 miles per day at least, and back to my diet. No more fun homestyle Richmond food. It really does break my heart.

But Ayden is such a reward - how can I not have all but love for him :) Here are some pictures from the weekend...


I always forget how young he is! He has such a little man face that I just forget. The first picture just brought it all back to his age! They're too cute!