Welcome to our World!

Our family, our life - we welcome you!

I hear something .... it's the little whisper - a faint, but beautiful sound - the sound of our son's voice, speaking to us! I wish he could actually say words that make sense - the goo goo, gah gah, BAH BAH, is a little bit hard to understand - but it really is the best thing. Recently Ayden has started making the cutest sounds - little razzles, little coos, that he didn't use to do before. He really is trying. He looks up at me - with those blaring brown eyes - as if he is trying to say something - as if he thinks I understand. When I peer back down - he reaches his arms up for me now - I feel so loved each time. He has reached so many milestones!

He has perfected crawling.
He can pull himself to a standing position.
He can pull himself from lying down to a sitting position - he does this on the diaper changing table and in his crib - diaper changes are so difficult now, and we had to move the crib down a notch. He's a smart boy!
He is slowly trying to crawl up the steps - this usually leads to his little boom boom hitting the ground in a hard thump after he loses his balance - it is adorable.
He has also learned to cough for attention. How lovely. He knows I jump if he chokes on something, so needless to say, this has become his attention-getting mechanism.
He loves to hit things, especially the edge of the treadmill. We're not sure his motive here. Ha.
He loves his cat - he will go to the cat's gate and climb up, shake it, and scream to me out of anger that he can't get to the cat - instead he sticks his hands through the gate while the kitty cat rubs against him.

He has also learned what kisses are. I say "gimme a kiss!" and he'll grab my face and pull me in. I love his little kisses - they're wet - but the best.

He is such a great baby. He is having some sleep difficulties when he's alone in his crib and since he sprouted his 5th tooth - is still having issues with his teeth. He is so cute with his little buck teeth up front.

But what a great thing - to see the little human you created ... growing, learning...imitating. I am such a proud mommy.