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Wow, when they hit 6 months, it really does become a path of milestone, after milestone, after milestone.

The other day, I was walking through the mall alone with Ayden - he got hungry. I passed him a bottle - and instead of having to lean over the stroller, like before, and feed him while I walked, I was able to hand him the bottle - and he could hold it himself - and I got to continue on. This was WONDERFUL! I mean, before it was constantly having to stop, get him comfortable, plan trips around his feedings - and now since he can entertain and feed himself, it's much easier to go when and where I want to. It sounds selfish but after being pregnant with him and then devoting every waking second to him - I enjoyed being able to think about myself for a second.

See, look at how cute he is - holding his own!
He's also learning about toys. He's also learned that if mommy or daddy takes away a toy that he really wanted - he can cry, scream, and throw his hands up in the air - and this little bit of tantruming couls possibly get his toys back. He loves his Leap Frog Learning Table, Jumperoo, and alphabet ball - among many.
He loves to turn the pages on books and to eat books - now that he's gotten the hang of standing supported on his own - he can stand up at the table - and while he quite often gets way too happy and ends up falling down - it's great to watch him interact with the music and sounds and to press the buttons and get that total look of enthusiasm - "I made it do that?!"

Now there's crawling - the milestone that while I've been waiting for it, and have been working hours upon hours with him to learn to crawl - it's one that makes me a bit sad because now instead of being that cute little dumpling face that looks up at me, stares at me, depends on me for every little thing - he can actually move around himself. He's into everything. He's getting more and more out of my control and becoming his own little being - and every little new milestone he makes, I look at him and continue to think that it's because of my husband and I that he is able to do this, that he's even here - that he exists, and that amazes me.

Now if only he would sleep through the night - that's a milestone we just can't wait for! He has his moments but he's certainly not consistent - but each time I look in the mirror and see these dark, swollen, sleep deprived eyes - I look back and him and smile - because someday when he looks at me and says "I love you, Mommy" - and walks out the door with his friends to go to Prom - I'll remember those nights holding him in the middle of the night, rocking him to sleep, nursing him, seeing those little eyes peer up at me - and I'll miss every second of it. Milestones, while they're amazing, also remind me that my little boy is not so little anymore - and someday, won't totally be mine.


That pic of both of them drinking is ADORABLE!