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What a great day it was today! We had high 70's and sunny - clear blue sky - absolutely beautiful! I took Ayden out on a walk at a local place with some other mommies from the area. It was so relaxing and nice! We also discovered Ayden likes teething biscuits. My friend let me borrow one (well not like he's going to give it back, right?!) and he loved it. He also had his first Cheerio - he chewed it well and swallowed it. I'm going to have to buy him a box!

But we enjoyed the lake - the geese (they find strollers interesting, does my son smell like bread?) and we had a nice lunch at a local bakery. It was great to interact with adults. These reruns of Project Runway are getting old and I think Ayden is bored with the basement. Everytime I start walking down the steps with him - he starts to cry. I walk back up. He smiles. I walk back down. He cries. It does smell funny, like old soup, but I can't imagine it's all that bad...so we're taking advantage of the weather and enjoying life, enjoying this little one, who is just now learning to explore the world. The lake in this great weather wasn't the only beautiful site to see!

This is where we went walking...

Enjoying the stroller...
Aw Mom, I love you!
You crack me up, stop being silly, mommy!
And my first teething biscuit - yummy!