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Our family, our life - we welcome you!

Boy does Ayden have a hectic first summer coming up!! Wow! He won't even be a year old yet and he's already going to have been to 6 states! He's so far been to Maryland, Virginia, and New Hampshire, Maine, and once the summer is up, we'll add North Carolina and Florida to that list too! I just can't believe how much we have to do! But in case you're looking for us, or there appears to be a lack of blogging - there's probably a good reason! Here's the rundown!

May 15-19: Orlando, Florida (Allison's baby shower, Carli is almost here!)
May 23-26: Richmond, VA and Virginia Beach, VA (to visit the grandparents and also Ayden's Godmother, Karen!)
May 30-June 1: Richmond, VA (Alan and Erica are getting married, yay!)
July 3-July 13: Richmond, VA and Nags Head, NC (it's Ayden's first trip to the Outer Banks, we're so excited! The last time we went, I was huge and pregnant!)
August something or other - we're going to Jacksonville, Florida for a conference and also to visit Allison and her new baby in Orlando!

Somewhere in there we're also going to New Hampshire for a few days and also to Maine for a soccer tournament. Phew. I don't know if I'll be able to catch my breath! Ali is also going to Portugal for a few days to a week, probably around the end of June, Ayden and I will be going to stay with my parents in Richmond until he gets back, but that's not set in stone.

I'm so excited to travel with my baby and show him the world! Apparently we're going to Hawaii next year too for a week, as Ali has to travel for work. I've always wanted to go. I'm in for it with a toddler, I'm sure, but how fun will that be?! Ayden looks excited doesn't he?