Welcome to our World!

Our family, our life - we welcome you!

So, we're back from our first major trip of the summer - we ventured down to Orlando, Florida to visit my friend, Allison, who is expecting her first child (a girl, Carli) in June. Her baby shower was this past Saturday and I promised her I'd be there.

Ayden took his first trip to the beach. He hated it. I thought for sure once I put his little feet into the ocean for the first time - that he'd be enthused, that he'd love it! I was so wrong! He started screaming immediately. I felt so horrible. I wanted him to like it - but I think the combination of a new place and new things - and the heat - were too much for him. He certainly looked like a true Floridian, though:
Allison's shower was really nice - her parents and friends really put together something beautiful that I'm sure she will remember forever:
While we were there, Ayden sprouted his 5th tooth - that's right, ladies and gentlemen, his 5TH TOOTH! I was wondering why we were so sleep deprived! I was also wondering why he was drooling so much:

He's now officially crawling too and is into everything:
I wasn't feeling well the majority of the weekend but I managed to have a great time with everyone and with my family on our first major vacation. Even though I'm still worn out, I'm looking forward to the weeks to come when we continue to travel with Ayden and show him more of the world. He's getting so big...so fast...but he'll always be my baby, and that's what gets me through.