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Our family, our life - we welcome you!

So we went to see my parent's again this weekend, it was unexpected - Ali needed to help someone out, so we took a nice trip home. Whenever we go, it's like a mini vacation for me - but without the beach, without the nice hot weather - I have an extra set of hands, someone to help me out - I even got a nap.

Then it was Mother's Day - it's so special to finally know that I am a mother, that I have a reason to celebrate, that I'm great at what I do - that I'm appreciated. We decided to stay late and spend the day with my mother and my family - and to try and avoid traffic, we were going to leave later.

This was a huge mistake. Around 4 PM, some monster storms hit the area, and we ended up being stuck in Richmond. Originally we weren't going to leave until 4 AM Monday, but decided to go ahead and go once the weather cleared out of Richmond. The problem with this was that the weather wasn't cleared out of the Northern areas, and flooding was a major problem. The trip ended up taking 4 hours, and even though we were safe, I can tell you that the whole way I realized that everything truly has changed. I was so scared. Not for me, but for my baby. I hated knowing he was in danger. I would have done anything to keep him safe. I held my head near his car seat the entire way while he slept - and dreamt of being at home, cuddled up with him, and knowing he was okay. It's amazing how things like that change when you have your own baby, the being you made. Braving forces of nature so you can be comfortable becomes a whole new ball game. I learned next time that we'll have to so what's safest - no matter if I want to get up early or not - we shouldn't have gone. We put him in harm's way. It taught me a huge lesson - and on Mother's Day, not only did I feel a huge amount of appreciation from those around me, I found a new appreciation for what being a mother really is - he truly is my reason for living.

I think he might love me too!